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Aurora Ambient Post Rock by Andrey Lebedintsev

The track "Aurora Ambient Post Rock" is a romantic, epic, and calmly music track with percussions, contrabass, and electrical guitar. It covers the genres experimental music, chillout, ambient, and rock. This track is perfect for topics like documentation, nightlife, background music, love, nature, art, image movie, and atmospheres.
110.0 BPM
Ambient, Chillout, experimental music, Rock
percussions, electrical guitar, contrabass
in love, melancholic, spherical, relaxed, dreamy, epic, exciting, exciting, hope full, erotic, calmly, light, harmonical, monotonous, lonely, mysterious, solemnly, positive, cold, sentimental, happy, lovingly, happy, soft, elegant, romantic, cool
Art, laser show / light show, landscape / nature, documentation, nightlife, drone video / aerials, memory / nostalgia / past, relaxation / meditation / hypnosis, Time lapse, science fiction / space, Image movie, background music, Atmospheres, slow motion, love / romance / wedding
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