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Choose your model

We offer 3 attractive pricing models to help suit your needs best. Please select from the following:

I only need a few music tracks.

Music for media projects, videos or events.

You only need a single or a few tracks for an upcoming project or video? Browse our project licenses to find the right song(s) for your project.

I need music regularly.

Music for agencies, content creators and media professionals.

If you regularly need music for yourself and/or your customers, our music subscription is a convenient solution. Get access to the entire audiocrowd catalog for a fair fixed monthly price.

I need in-store music or course music.

Music for retail, wellness and sports venues

If you need royalty-free music for your retail store, recreational space (e.g. wellness, spa, gym, yoga class) or restaurant, our sound reinforcement packages are made for you.

You can buy royalty-free music of many different musical genres on audiocrowd. Whether for ad commercials, business music, music on hold, youtube videos, corporate movies or background music for your holiday videos: find great royalty free music for your topic. Legally safe and easy. We offer you a transparent pricing model and an attractive flat rate for royalty free music for agencies and power users.