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On this page we answer frequently asked questions about our platform and music licensing. If you missed a desired information on these topics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What is audiocrowd?

We are a Potsdam-based company that curates music for videos, image films and other media projects. Our GEMA-free music catalog includes several thousand high-quality music titles and can be used easily and inexpensively by companies, content creators, but also private individuals. You can license individual titles or use the entire catalog via music subscription. True to our motto "Music for creators." we help agencies, but also in-house marketing and social media teams, to quickly and securely find the right music for their own content.

What can I use this music for?

The main uses for our music are: 1. background music for videos, podcasts or other media projects. 2. background music for events and trade shows 3. background music for sound reinforcement for business premises and retail stores. If you need info about other uses, contact us via the contact form.

What is GEMA-free music?

As soon as a composer is not registered with GEMA or as soon as a GEMA member explicitly does not have some of his works protected by GEMA (in the context of audiovisual productions), these works are also GEMA-free. However, this does not automatically mean that one may use the music commercially without further ado.

What are the advantages of GEMA-free music?

The music on audiocrowd is much cheaper than using GEMA-liable material. In addition, there are no further follow-up costs after purchasing a license. The costs are transparent and easy to plan at all times.

Is GEMA-free music professional?

Even today, GEMA-free music is often dismissed by many as tootling or typical elevator music. But even GEMA-free music is produced professionally and of high quality nowadays and is no longer inferior to the GEMA repertoire in terms of quality. The music on audiocrowd is subject to strict quality control and is produced by experienced composers and producers according to modern standards. GEMA-free music is now used as a matter of course by many well-known companies in creative and diverse ways.

Is every music track on audiocrowd GEMA-free? Are the composers not members of collecting societies?

All music titles on audiocrowd are GEMA-free. The composers confirm when registering that they are not members of any collecting societies. They therefore receive the rights to use the music on audiocrowd directly from the author / rights holder.

What is royalty-free music?

license-free music is a misleading term that suggests a completely free use of music. However, all music is subject to copyright protection, which means that the composer of the work alone determines the use and distribution of the work. Due to this fact, there is no such thing as royalty-free music. What is often meant in this context, however, is free GEMA-free music.

What is GEMA?

GEMA is the 'Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights'. This society concludes contracts (called Wahrnehmungs- or Berechtigungsverträge) with artists. A composer 'commissions' GEMA with such a contract to supervise the public use of his works.

What are GEMA's responsibilities?

As soon as a work by a composer who has concluded a performance contract with GEMA is used, GEMA is entitled to collect license fees (also: royalties) from the user (e.g., a radio station, restaurant, concert organizer, retailer) for the public broadcast and performance of the music of the registered composer. The collected fees are distributed again to the members of GEMA according to a certain key minus the administrative costs.

I have a Youtube channel. Do I need a new license for each video?

If it's an editorial video (not a commercial, not an image film), then the standard license covers multiple uses on your Youtube channel (or a client's) (but not on multiple Youtube channels). You can use the music as intro, outro and also as background music.

What do I get when I buy a music track?

After purchase you will receive the music title in WAV, AIFF and MP3 format. Additionally, formats for telephone systems (A-LAW and MU-LAW / 8 bit) are available. If your track has track variants, these variants are also downloadable at least in MP3 format.

What is the purpose of the GEMA exemption?

The GEMA exemption (the license document) serves as proof for you vis-à-vis GEMA and other auditing mechanisms (e.g. ContentID on Youtube). With the license document, you can prove that you are entitled to use the music track and that no further costs will be incurred by you.

Are track variants included in the price?

All track variants that are included with a track will be made available to you after purchase at no additional charge.

Can I edit or modify a purchased music track?

You may shorten, lengthen, thread in and out, and adapt a purchased music track to the technical conditions of your project, e.g. by format conversion, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

I want to use a track as an intro or outro. Which license is right for me?

For example, if you want to use a track as an intro for your social media videos or podcast, please buy a standard license. There, multiple use within a series or podcast is included.

In which formats do I receive the music files?

You will receive the music in WAV, AIFF, MP3, WAV A-LAW and WAV MU-LAW.

I need formats for my phone system. Are these formats also included after purchase?

Yes, all titles also come in WAV A-LAW and WAV MU-LAW format. In addition, an MP3 is included. Your phone system should be able to handle one of these formats.

My video or project appears in multiple languages. Do I need to buy multiple licenses?

For each license, usage in up to 3 languages is included. If you need 4 languages or more, please purchase another license of the same level.

May I test the music before purchasing?

You can download any music track as a layout version or demo version for free and without registration. Just click on the demo download icon by each track.

When can I download my tracks?

You can download your track files immediately after purchase if you purchase via credit card and SEPA direct debit. When paying with SEPA, the license document will be created after payment has been received (approx. 2-3 business days) and will then be available for download in your account under 'My Purchases'.

What means of payment are accepted? Is payment on account possible?

You can pay via our payment service provider Stripe using the following payment methods: Credit card, Klarna, Giropay, SEPA direct debit, Google Pay or Apple Pay. On request, payment by invoice is also possible. To do so, simply contact us via email or contact form.

Can I use a purchased track for other projects?

Multiple use of tracks is covered if you choose a higher license group each time. For example, if you want to use a track multiple times as a mini license, buy a standard license. Then the multiple use of the lower license class is included.

I am unsure which license is appropriate for my project. What should I do?

In this case, please contact us best via contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I can't find a suitable music title for my project. What should I do?

In this case, please contact us via the contact form. We will get back to you immediately.

What does the note 'Youtube ContentID' next to a track mean?

The creator of the track has registered his works with Youtube's fingerprinting service. Once a ContentID protected track is used in a Youtube video, Youtube recognizes that track and wants proof that the track was legally acquired. The originator can decide what happens to the video in the meantime, as long as no proof has been submitted. As a rule, the montarization of the video is switched off during this period. However, the video is still visible and viewable in the meantime. After you have submitted all the necessary info to Youtube, the video is usually quickly unlocked again. Further information can always be found on your respective license document after purchase.

Are all music titles GEMA-free, AKM-free, SUISA-free, etc.?

Yes, all works on Audiocrowd are GEMA-free (or Non P.R.O.). When registering, all creators confirm that you are not a member of a collecting society.

Do I have to place a copyright notice / source note in my project?

If you bought a track, you don't have to mention a source. But of course we appreciate any recommendation.

Is there a subscription or flat rate?

Yes, we also offer subscription rates for agencies and content creators with increased music needs. You can find more info on our pricing page.

I am a musician myself. Can I publish my music on audiocrowd?

Yes, we are always looking for good music. Please see our composer page for all other info.

Am I allowed to publish projects I've created for a client as a reference in my portfolio (e.g. website)?

Yes, you are welcome to include the projects in your portfolio as well.

May I register the purchased music in fingerprinting databases (e.g. ContentID on Youtube)?

No, registration on ContentID or Facebook Rights Manager is prohibited. Registration via other service providers (e.g. AdRev, Haawk, Believe, Feiyr, iMusician, Distrokid, TuneCore, Audiam, CD Baby, Indiefy, Identifyy) is also prohibited.

Is it possible to upgrade a license after the fact?

Yes, you can upgrade any purchased license in your account after purchase. You will then only pay the difference.

My project is required in different technical file formats. Do I need a new license each time?

No, you can use your project in different image formats and file formats with the same license.

I am working on behalf of a client. Can I add him as a licensee?

Yes, you can specify a different licensee in the purchasing process. Note that only the licensee is authorized to use the music.

Is it possible to place an order without a customer account?

No, you need a customer account to order. However, registration is completed within 2 minutes and then you can permanently download your documents and tracks.

Where can I download the track after purchase?

In your account, you can access all files and documents on the 'My Purchases' page.

Is the watermark 'audiocrowd preview' also available in the purchased version?

No, the watermark is not included after purchase.

Why do I have to provide information about my project when purchasing?

In case of an inspection by GEMA or other inspection mechanisms like ContentID, an exact assignment to your project is necessary. Therefore, don't just write 'podcast' in the project details in the purchasing process, but mention the name and, if applicable, the episode of the podcast, so that an assignment to the project is easily possible.

How long will I have access to my music tracks, invoice and GEMA exemption on the server?

You have access to your purchases at any time after purchase through your customer account.

Are my licenses valid after a subscription expires?

All projects created and completed during the term of your subscription are valid after the subscription expires. However, 'stock' licensing with a project completion after the subscription expires is prohibited. This would make it impossible to fairly compensate our composers.

I have a question that is not answered on this page. Where can I post my question?

In this case, please contact us best via contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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