FAQ about our shop

audiocrowd answers frequently asked questions about royalty-free music. If you miss information about this topic, do not hesitate and contact us.

Which payment methods are supported?

We accept payment via credit cards of the following brands: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB.

How is the quality of the downloadable tracks?

Every track is available in CD quality. We offer the file formats WAV, AIFF and MP3 with various lengths.

Can I use the tracks in multiple projects?

No, our licenses are bound to a specific project, e.g. an advertising spot or an episode of a series.

Is the usage time of the tracks limited?

No, you can use the tracks within the specified project for an unlimited duration.

Do I receive an invoice after the purchase?

You receive a PDF invoice after your purchase. You can always access and download your invoices from your user account.

Do I receive a royalty-free certificate after the purchase?

Yes, you will receive a royalty-free certificate as PDF. You can always access and download your certificate in your user account. This certificate includes all important infos about the royalty-free status of the track and the composer. You may show it to collection societies like ASCAP, GEMA and pressing plants.

Can I delegate the music to one of my clients?

Yes, you can delegate a usage license during checkout to one of your customers.

Can I re-download tracks, if I delete them accidentally?

You can download your tracks right after the purchase in your user account. Further info is available within our terms and conditions.

Can I re-download invoices and usage licenses after purhcase?

Yes, your documents are available for download in your user account.

Can I test the music within my projects? E.g. for a project pitch

Yes, every track is available as layout download without noise protection. Please register an account to download layouts.

Can I edit the tracks?

Tracks can be converted into the desired format, saved and compressed or uncompressed, according to the project's needs. Also, it is possible to shorten the tracks within the limits of the artist's and author's right of publicity. Not permitted are other types of modification or transformation of the musical works, particularly modifications of the content, rearrangement and modifications or additions.

What kind of music usage is disallowed?

In particular, the utilization outside the project, for which the license had been obtained, the reproduction of the work for licensing purposes or the use in music libraries or databases is not permitted. You can find the details in our terms & conditions.