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Royalty free music for relaxation and stress reduction

Calm, gentle, warm: relaxation music drives away your everyday stresses.

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What is royalty free relaxation music?

Sunrise, the twittering of birds, a lake as smooth as glass... nobody is thinking about their day-to-day life now. That is the essence of relaxation music. It is melodious and harmonic, gentle and warm, maybe even erotic. The pulse slows down and a state of peace descends. Relaxation music is borne along by slow rhythms and gentle harmonies.

Guitars, bass, synthesisers or organ carry us on a journey far away from everyday life, from time pressures, from stress. Relaxation music is discreet and catchy; like easy-listening music, it grabs us emotionally but does not distract. Dissonance, syncopation, brash sounds or a harsh tone would only ruin the effect of the music. Relaxation music is also sometimes used for therapeutic purposes.

Which instruments are used?

Music for flowing

Unobtrusive, relaxing music which can enhance the quality of videos, films and audio commercials or can be used for presentations. Because the music is purely instrumental, with a soothing effect, it is also suitable for voice-overs.

Relaxation music does not have a song structure; it creates instead an atmospheric soundscape, allowing you to forget the daily routine, to let your mind wander, and to drift away with the waves of sound.

How can I use relaxation music?

Are you looking for relaxing music – perhaps for your beauty or sauna area, where you want music playing gently in the background as you carry out massages, or for meditation? The gentle tones of relaxation music allow you to switch off, unwind as you wait, provide accompaniment for quiet moments in films, invite you to dream. The music lies like a warm blanket over your holiday slide-show or your business presentation

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