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GEMA free meditation music for meditation and hypnosis

You want to leave the stress of everyday life behind? With meditation music, many people find it easier to let go of everyday life.

Gentle royalty free music for their meditations and for hypnosis you will find on this page.

royalty free music for topic "relaxation / meditation / hypnosis" also includes the following tags:
  • silence
  • recreation
  • peace
  • sleeping
  • calming
  • relaxation
  • privacy
  • wellness
  • spa
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What music relaxes best?

Relaxing music usually meets the following criteria:

  • Instrumental music (no or only incidental vocals),
  • the tempo is not too fast, usually 60 to 80 BPM. This tempo also corresponds approximately to the human heartbeat,
  • constant rhythm without major tempo or rhythm changes,
  • Restrained or completely absent percussion or drum accompaniment.
  • Harmonic sounds without strong, exciting dissonances

How is meditation music used?

GEMA-free meditation music can be used in a versatile and profitable way, e.g. for hypnosis and relaxation videos, but also for background music during autogenic training, guided meditations or during fantasy journeys.

Similar music styles can also be found in the audiocrowd music catalog under the topics Wellness and Yoga.

What effect does meditation music have?

Strengthening the immune system Meditation combined with soft music can strengthen the immune system.

Stress relief Through the calming effect of music, the muscles relax and the body can recover. In the process, stress is reduced quite automatically.

Sleep improves By meditating before sleeping, one finds sleep better and faster.

Focus and concentration are increased With calm music, attention and concentration can be strengthened.

What are the goals of meditation music?

Many stress-ridden people seek in meditation the inner balance, the "finding oneself" or the reduction of personal worries and anger. Other goals of meditation are "letting oneself drift" or self-healing.

What all goals have in common is that people strive for greater bliss and health through meditation.

Passive and active meditation music

Basically, meditation music can be divided into active and passive. In active meditation music, movement and dynamics also play a role. The music is usually a little faster and more dynamic, especially through the use of rhythm instruments such as drums and sound woods. Active meditation music supports movement and breathing.

The Passive Meditation Music is much calmer and slower. The meditation is performed in a resting position and usually proceeds silently. Passive meditation music is not infrequently accompanied by nature sounds such as birds chirping and water splashing. The music contains little dynamics and is very spherical in design.

Should I meditate with or without music?

This is primarily a matter of personal taste. Meditation generally works without music in the background.

With music, it can be easier to "get into" a meditation and let yourself fall. The best thing is to just try it out for yourself.

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