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Music for wellness, cosmetics and spa

Are you looking for a perfect background music for your cosmetic studio, wellness spa, or massage salon? On this page you will find high-quality music titles that you can use for your video and social media projects as well as homepage. The music here provides calm, harmonious, and lulling atmospheres through an array of soft instruments that will enhance the idea of what it means to indulge in the wellness, health and adoration of one's body. Give your customers an impression of the soothing and relaxing effect your service has to offer through the countless choices in music here.

If you are looking for background music for wellness and meditation, please click here.

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Harmonious sounds for relaxation and well-being: Wellness music licensing on audiocrowd

In today's hectic world, more and more people are looking for ways to escape from everyday stress and regenerate body and mind. Wellness and spas offer an oasis of peace and relaxation, and the right music plays a crucial role. On audiocrowd, the premier music platform for licensed music, customers can discover a wide selection of harmonious sounds perfectly suited to the needs of their wellness facilities and locations. In this article, we will explore the importance of the right music for wellness experiences and how audiocrowd simplifies the search for the ideal background music.

The power of music in the wellness industry

Music has an extraordinary ability to evoke emotions and create a relaxing atmosphere. In wellness facilities and spas, the right background music can immensely improve the overall experience of guests. Gentle melodies and soothing sounds help calm the mind, relieve stress and create a harmonious connection to inner peace.

Music subscription for content creator

The music subscription from audiocrowd offers customers access to an extensive catalog of GEMA-free and P.R.O.. Music. With fixed monthly prices, they can use as many tracks as they want. Subscribers receive worldwide, perpetual licenses and benefit from easy rates and high-quality music for their projects.

Your advantages with the audiocrowd music subscription
  • Access to over 20k tracks and variants
  • Simple and flexible pricing model
  • Royalty free P.R.O. tracks on demand, and globally valid licenses
  • starting at 20€ / month
To music subscription

Individual moods and ambience

Every wellness area has its own unique atmosphere and mood. Whether it's a luxurious spa, a relaxing yoga studio, or a meditative sauna, the music should blend seamlessly with the ambiance. Audiocrowd offers a variety of music styles and genres to create the desired mood and atmosphere in any wellness room.

Easy licensing and download

Licensing music on audiocrowd is simple and straightforward. Customers can select the desired pieces of music directly on the platform, purchase the appropriate license and download the music for their wellness facilities and locations. This way, they can be sure that they are using the music legally and in compliance with the law.


Music plays a significant role in the world of wellness and relaxation. With audiocrowd, wellness facilities and locations have access to a diverse selection of harmonious sounds that enrich their guests' wellness experience. From relaxing nature sounds to meditative melodies, audiocrowd offers an extensive collection of licensed music that perfectly complements the ambiance. Harness the power of music to create an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being and take your guests on a harmonious journey. Discover the diverse world of wellness music on audiocrowd today and let your wellness facility blossom.

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Our products at a glance

Music for videos, podcasts and other media projects

On audiocrowd you will find high-quality music for your videos, image films, podcasts and other media projects. Use our search to quickly find the right music for your project. If you need only a few titles, the single purchase is right for you. If you need more music, we recommend our music subscription.

Music packages for events and shows

Download the right background music for your event. Browse our music packages and save the GEMA fees. Our music packages are each 2h long and after licensing you will not incur any further costs.

Telephone announcements and waiting loops

We produce an individual telephone greeting for you with our team of speakers and provide the appropriate music. So that your company presents itself in the best light with every call.

Instore radio: Background music for retail stores

We put together the right playlists for your store and save you half of the GEMA fees on the side. With our in-store radio, you always have the latest music and can conveniently play out your own announcements and advertising offers in your store.

Sound effects for videos, podcasts and other media projects

On audiocrowd you will find high-quality sound packages and individual sound effects for your videos, image films, podcasts and other media projects. Use our search to quickly find the right sound effects for your project.

Professional voice actors for your projects

You need the right voice for your video or project? You will find what you are looking for in our speaker pool. Whether it's a simple telephone announcement or a multilingual commercial. Our speakers look forward to working with you.

You can buy royalty-free music of many different musical genres on audiocrowd. Whether for ad commercials, business music, music on hold, youtube videos, corporate movies or background music for your holiday videos: find great royalty free music for your topic. Legally safe and easy. We offer you a transparent pricing model and an attractive flat rate for royalty free music for agencies and power users.