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Royalty-free music for documentaries and reports

Documentaries often captivate viewers more than feature films - after all, reality is the protagonist. While certain songs often remain in the ear after feature films, the viewer rarely consciously perceives the music in documentaries. This fact, however, is not an expression of the inferior quality of this music for reportages or documentaries. Rather, it illustrates an essential characteristic: music in documentaries has a subtle effect.

Therefore, instrumental music is particularly suitable as royalty-free music for documentaries. From beatless ambient tracks to atmospheric grooves, this gema-free music for documentaries ranges.

royalty free music for topic "documentation" also includes the following tags:
  • reporting
  • report
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Which royalty-free music genre works well for documentaries?

There is no universal answer to this question. However, there are genres that are more suitable than others. Accordingly, these music genres are used more often in documentaries. However, there are no limits to your creativity. In each individual case, the visual or audio material decides - the royalty-free music tracks on are also suitable for radio documentaries.

Music for reportages or documentaries always takes over a certain task. Besides supporting the atmosphere of the visual material, music serves to create a dramaturgy. With the help of the right music, you can support the suspense of your documentary in a subtle yet effective way. For example, certain pieces of music create a sense of departure, others build tension, and still other pieces release that tension. For the sense of departure, an ambient piece with a soaring melody might be appropriate. A scratchy, nervous rhythm builds tension and a harmony-driven song discharges that tension again. Accordingly, music on the subject of documentation does not consist of only one particular genre. Thus, the mood described in each case is helpful as a clue. Examples are: dreamy, exciting, happy, inspiring, etc.

Also, you can use this royalty-free music for documentaries to structure different sequences. For example, if the sequences were created in two different locations, "each location" could have its own music. In this way, the music can support the editing. Thus, music for reportage helps structure and assemble the footage. Other pieces are ideal for a voice-over. So there are different ways to use music in documentaries. Thereby music for reportage takes over different tasks.

Wide range of instruments

The musical pieces range from minimalist to pompous instrumentation. Often, sparsely orchestrated pieces are particularly suitable, as they only serve to support the images. They are not meant to be the center of attention. But there are also uses for elaborately orchestrated pieces: The choice of music opens up creative scope in the completion of your documentation.

Related music and genres

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