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Royalty free music on hold for telephone systems and answering machines

"Please hold...". With a positive, professional music on hold you increase customer satisfaction. With it you prepare a pleasant conversation atmosphere with your customers.

On this page you will find a selection of professional on-hold music for use in your telephone system or hotline.

royalty free music for topic "on-hold loop" also includes the following tags:
  • patience
  • waiting
  • hotline
  • phone
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What music for the telephone system?

To create a pleasant, positive atmosphere for their waiting callers, pop music with light electronic sounds is suitable. Light jazz notes are also often found. Especially Lounge or Easy-Listening Music is suitable for queues.

The particular song should be easy and and innocuous. It is important that the song does not become unpleasant even during longer waiting times. If song passages repeat too often, the listener will get bored faster.

The main purpose of the music piece is to put the caller in a positive and patient mood. After all, nobody likes to wait in a waiting loop.

What mistakes should you avoid with music on hold?

In the best case, good music on hold should be voiced by a professional speaker. This will ensure that the speech is intelligible and reaches your callers with the right tonality.

The right sound format of the music also plays a role. Most telephone systems require one of the following formats:

  • CCITT a-law
  • CCITT u-law
  • MP3, 128kbps, mono
  • WAV, 16bit, 8kHz, mono

You can easily convert the formats yourself using an audio program, such as Audacity. If you need help with format conversion after purchasing on audiocrowd, we are of course available.

How to shorten the waiting time for the caller felt?

The right background music feels entertaining for the caller. This makes the time until they are connected with an employee seem to pass more quickly.

You can support this perception very well if you use speech in between in your on-hold message. An example of such a message: "Please be patient a little longer. The next free employee will be with you shortly". This way, callers feel a little less lost and are usually more patient.

Passing on information about the remaining time is also a good idea. For example, the position in the current queue or the approximate remaining wait time. This way, callers can better estimate how long it will take.

This approach is especially recommended for long waiting times. In this way, you give your customers the chance to perhaps try again at a later time.

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