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Inspiring Energetic Corporate Piano by tunes2go

magine the joy of getting something done. Your huge project is finished, work is done and done well, you feel fulfilled, free and joyful and you want to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible. Imagined it? Now that is the mood this track brings, not only to me, i hope. It features bright piano, some real bangin’ percussion, dreamy guitar and expressive emotional cello. Great choice for advertisement, commercial, youtube video, vlog, intro, outro, anything basically, as long as it has to be bright and joyful.
99.0 BPM
acoustic, Easy Listening, piano music
percussions, piano, electrical guitar
in love, dreamy, warm, motivated, carefree, exciting, lively, hope full, passionate, summery, positive, spirited, happy, euphoric, romantic
Art, laser show / light show, laser show / light show, trend / modern / innovative, restaurant / hotel / food, celebration, landscape / nature, nightlife, Voiceover, drone video / aerials, soundlogo / audio branding, Social Media, countries / regions, show / entertainment, youth, Time lapse, Ad commercials, Image movie, vacation / travel, family / friends, cooking / cooking videos / recipes, background music, slow motion, Review / Review of the year, Café / coffee shop / bistro
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