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Music for computer games and video games

Every game also lives from a good background music. On this page you will find suitable music from many different styles and genres.

Since games can be set in a wide variety of genres, the music must also cover a wide variety of nuances.

  • An extensive RPG is perfectly complemented by epic orchestral music.
  • Adventure games often thrive on a mystical atmosphere.
  • Puzzle games and casual games, on the other hand, tend to live supported by light or cheerful music.
  • RETRO games with a 90s console look are also making a splendid comeback. Of course, 8-bit retro music also fits in with this.
royalty free music for topic "games" also includes the following tags:
  • computer
  • game
  • gaming
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Why royalty free music is worthwhile for game developers

Indie developers in particular often work as a one-man army on the entire game, including graphics, programming and marketing. In order to be able to cover all areas well, it makes sense to acquire music from professionals and use it in your game. Especially the preview videos and trailer videos for a game are of crucial importance for the success and reception of a game.

Professional and atmospheric music is therefore an important investment for every game developer, which has a positive effect on the quality of their own game. Here on audiocrowd you can find first-class music for video and computer games.

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