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Groovy jazz music

Upbeat, playful, dreamy. This jazz music is ideal for your bar, your reception area or your beauty salon. It’s lively, pleasant and harmonious. It’s sophisticated but not bothersome. It’s the perfect backdrop to relaxed or relaxing moments.

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What is jazz?

A European musical tradition influenced by African and African-American music: jazz emerged around 1900 in the Southern States of the U.S.A. and was at first played only by US citizens with African-American origin. The musical tradition, which has often been referred to as the ‘classical music’ of America, has evolved over time and has been influenced by many musical genres. It is known for its polyrhythms, syncopals, so-called blue notes (certain tones that mold the bluesy character of the melodies) and of course improvisations. A precise definition proves difficult because there is no such thing as true jazz music.

Jazz styles

Popular styles of jazz are

  • New Orleans jazz
  • Dixieland jazz
  • Swing
  • Bebop
  • Cool jazz
  • Hard bop
  • Free jazz
  • Jazz fusion

More modern movements are for example

  • World jazz or ethno jazz
  • Acid Jazz
  • Nu Jazz
  • Smooth Jazz or pop jazz
  • Jazz rap
  • Electro swing.

Use of jazz pieces free of GEMA charges

Light versions of jazz can be used as background music in a bar, an elevator or waiting areas. Even though its sound is incisive, the music itself is relaxing and ideal for every type of lounge. Conversations and relaxation are accentuated but not disturbed because the listener will feel relaxed. Jazz can also be used as film music, at fashion shows and in a business environment.

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