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Chillout music - Relaxed beats to come down

Just sit back and switch off! On this page you will find the perfect background music for elegant cocktail bars, a picturesque evening at the beach. Whether jazzy melodies, decelerated electro beats or washed out trip hop beats - these tracks instantly take the stress out of everyday life without seeming shallow or bored. Find here the perfect GEMA-free music for your media projects or as sound reinforcement music for your business.

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What is chillout music anyway?

Chillout music is not strictly defined, but encompasses a wide range of different subgenres. Chillout is characterized by a slow tempo and a relaxed but not boring basic mood. Chillout has evolved from the genre of easy listening. In connection with chillout music, the genres jazz, downtempo trip hop, lounge and ambient are also often mentioned.

Chillout music originated in the so-called ambient house from London at the end of the 1980s and was played as relaxing music in side rooms of famous clubs. Chillout celebrated a triumphant advance in the international club scene, especially in the early 2000s (e.g. in the form of the Café del Mar series).

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