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About me

Hi there, great to have you on my profile page! My name is Vittorio Cazzadore and I am a producer / composer / recording artist currently living in Verona, Italy. I love life and music and enjoy creating new (often upbeat) songs and other music material.

I am convinced that the right music can make your unique project and the wrong music can break instead. Every song I uploaded is of the highest quality and has been professionally produced in my studio. You will find that each track in my portfolio get to do something beyond simply be background music – aims to inspire – and I’ve learned that any project can provide information and inspired his audience is a unique success.

Music is part of my life since I was born, I graduated from the Conservatory and specialized in the production of audio content of all kinds: for websites, for films, commercials. Enough of words, now is the time to listen to music … Are you ready?

You can license my tracks directly on audiocrowd. Further informations about the license model are available on the bottom of this page.

My skills are...

  • EDM
  • FUNK
  • JAZZ
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My tracks

72 Tracks

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