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About me

With more then 1700 released songs, since 1999 Ted Peters spent over 40.000 hours producing music in his private studio in Roses/Spain with Logic Studio for several dj’s in the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, South America, USA and under his own artist brand names like Soul-Ty, Soulfultrance the Real Producers, Ted Peters, Paradise Nation, Teddie Corleone, ManuAzul, TedjeP Soulful House, Soulful-Cafe, Soulful-Women, Dreaboxx, Bahia de Roses, Kingstone, Bahia Lounge, Soulful-Cafe ft Stanyos Young, Deep X, TM Grooves, Bagger Grooves TM, IbizaHouseAttack, Soulful-Cafe & Ann Saunderson, Soulful-cafe & Morris Revy, Soulful Silver, Chillout Bay Through his studio work he has the availybility about the best musicians.

The styles are dance | soulful house | disco-funk | reggaeton | reggae | lounge | chill out | house and Deep House

You can license my tracks directly on audiocrowd. Further informations about the license model are available on the bottom of this page.

My skills are...

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