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Ghost Town by The Diventa Project

"Ghost Town" is a exciting, carefree, and hope full music track with pads, acoustic guitar, vocals (female), rhodes, and percussions. It covers the genres lounge, chillout / trip hop, house, and pop. This track is ideal for projects within lifestyle, travel, nature, café, regions, aerials, beauty, and family.
82.0 BPM
Pop, House, Lounge, Chillout / Trip Hop
acoustic guitar, percussions, bass, piano, rhodes, saxophone, synth, trumpet, keyboard, vocals (male), vocals (female), pads
impulsive, relaxed, dreamy, warm, exciting, innocent, carefree, hope full, calmly, light, summery, friendly, peppy, mysterious, solemnly, positive, happy, elegant, cool
technology, laser show / light show, trend / modern / innovative, restaurant / hotel / food, celebration, landscape / nature, documentation, nightlife, drone video / aerials, Social Media, countries / regions, shopping, club, games, Ad commercials, vacation / travel, fashion, family / friends, background music, on-hold loop, lifestyle, Café / coffee shop / bistro, Beauty / Aesthetics, sports / fitness / work-out
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