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Royalty free music for image films and industrial films

The image film is the visual business card of your company. With the image film, you address not only your customers, but also potential employees. The music is an important component to convince the customer also aurally.

On this page you will find modern royalty free music for your image film from different genres and moods.

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What actually is an image film?

An image film is a cinematic contribution that puts the advantages of your company in the foreground. In this way, the image film leaves a positive overall impression on the viewer. An image film is often also referred to as a company film or corporate film.

In contrast to classic advertising, the image film is not fictitious and is based on reality. One speaks therefore also of a Firmenportrait. Therefore, employees are often shown doing their work. Complex steps in production are also shown (especially in related industrial films).

Mostly, image films are then placed on the company website and additionally played out on Youtube videos, social media and other platforms.

What moods do image films like to convey?

The image film is a presentation of your company. In image films, a positive image of the company should generally be drawn. Be it through good stories, emotional messages or funny snapshots. That's why music plays a central role in image films. Emotions are suitably amplified by the music chosen. Suitable music is the key to a successful image film. It can be used to actively shape the corporate identity.

For energetic and dynamic image films offers gemafreie tracks with exciting or impressive mood.

More discreet image films are best soundtracked with positive and harmonious music. This allows the viewer to better focus on the language and content. On this page you will find a rich selection from different moods and genres. Here you will find the right music or find the right songs.

Find good music for image film

To let your image film appear in the best light, you can buy music for your image film on audiocrowd. To avoid regular costs due to GEMA fees, many companies resort to GEMA-free music. Often one speaks here of the fact that the enterprises in their image film music "license-free" use. Here, only one-time costs arise from royalty-free music ( or also suitable music free of royalties). The music can be used for the image film for an unlimited period of time.

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